Merry Spangle Tee

Price: $32.00

Here’s a Merry Spangle Tee and it’s bound to add that festive touch you need as we enjoy this momentous time of year.

Made with love, this T-shirt blends great ease and class. Merry is also characterized by its ‘spangle’ design which makes it an excellent gift for a festive season. Can be used in such events like Christmas, or in shoppin

It is made of high-end materials that guarantee an excellent fit, and durability that would allow you to celebrate with comfort year in year out. It is a relaxed, yet flattering image that can be used in many ways; from adorning Christmas trees to taking hot cocoa beside the fireplaces.

The Merry Spangle Tee is a Christmas cheer embodiment. Wearing this tee either as a gift or to celebrate will make you feel proud showing off your holiday spirit.

Our new Merry Spangle Tee will help you upgrade your holiday wardrobe, and thus make this christmas a tad jolly-some. This is a great way to express your festive passion!


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